Multitouch Technology In Android 安卓开发教程

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Android Multi-Touch Tablet- Android MultiTouch Notebook

Your Source For Android Multi-Touch Information.

Android Multi-Touch

Questions and Answers About Multi-Touch!

What is Multi-Touch?

The term multi-touch, or multitouch, refers to the ability of a user to simultaneously register at least three distinct input touch positions on a touchscreen display.

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What is a touchscreen display?

A touchscreen display is an electronic visual display which is able to register a touch within the display area, and is also able to register the specific location of that touch. Most commonly this consists of a touch on the display by a finger or fingers of a human hand, though it may also be the touch of a stylus or some other object.

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Android Multitouch continued:

What are the primary attributes of a touchscreen?

A touchscreen allows a user to have a direct interaction with the display without the need for a touchpad or mouse, and without the need to hold any other device in the hand.

A touchscreen may be used on such varied items as video games, pdas (personal digital assistants), mobile phones (e.g., smartphones), satellite navigation devices, and other devices.

How is multi-touch implemented?

Typically multi-touch is implemented through such interfaces as the touchtable or touch wall. These interfaces project an image through a glass or acrylic screen. The image is back-lit with LEDs. When the surface is touched it causes the light at that point to scatter triggering a camera or sensor which catches the reflection and sends the information to specialized software that is programmed with a response the particular touch. The surface may also have a pressure-sensitive coating that is sensitive to the amount of pressure of the touch.

How does multi-touch work in handheld technologies?

A panel carrying an electrical charge is used in handheld technologies, and when the screen is touched it disrupts this electrical field, sending a message to the device s software which then dictates the response to the touch.

Are touch screen telephones very common?

About 200,000 touch screen telephones were sold in the year 2006, and this number is expected to reach 21 million phones being shipped in 2012.

Do many laptops feature multi-touch?

Yes, in recent years multi-touch trackpads have been installed on laptops by numerous different manufacturers.

What other devices feature multi-touch?

Tablet pcs increasingly feature multi-touch rather than the stylus input that was most common in the past.

Do many phones feature multi-touch?

Since the inception of the iPhone, the multi-touch feature has become increasingly common in mobile phones with many manufacturers including it as the primary interface on their handheld devices. While multi-touch is still most common only on the higher end smartphone devices (such as iPhone), some manufacturers of lower priced phones are also beginning to include the feature for use on their web browsers as well as for computing and the standard phone functions.


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