android使用Visual Studio 运行Firefox浏览器插件实例npruntime

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最近在研究Android上浏览器插件.. 资料比较少.. 基本都是从研究NPAPI开始的.. 那么我也从这开始吧...

由于这篇文章是边做实验边记录, 加上本身对VS不太了解, 可能有些地方不对, 欢迎大家指正!!




1.Create a new project in Visual Studio for a Win32 GUI library (DLL) (in .NET 2003: Win32 template, then switch to DLL in Application Settings in the following dialog, export symbols too?)(in Visual Studio 2008, it isVisualc++|Win32|Win32 Project, then check DLL in the wizard).

2.If a wizard gives you a checkbox to create an empty project, then check it. Otherwise you'll delete files later.

3.Again note that the resulting DLL filename must start with "np", so either call your project like this or rename the file later

4. Delete the .cpp and .h and ReadMe files from the project and disk (if you did not create an empty project)

5. Copy the npruntime sample plugin source code into the dir of the new VS project and add the files to the project using the VS GUI (.cpp files to "Source Files", .h files to "Header Files", .rc file to "Resource Files"). Samples can be obtained from:

6. Download the Gecko SDK (aka XULRunner SDK) from release FTP and extract it. You can download it from here:

7. Add the Gecko SDK include path (example : C:/xulrunner-sdk/sdk/include) to Project Properties|(all configurations)|C++|General|Additional Include Directories. Note: If your project is still empty, the C++ tree might not be visible. So, add some files first.

8. Add the following preprocessor definitions to Project Properties|(all configurations)|C++|Preprocessor|Preprocessor Definitions:WIN32;_WINDOWS;XP_WIN32;MOZILLA_STRICT_API;XPCOM_GLUE;XP_WIN;_X86_;NPSIMPLE_EXPORTS

9.Disable precompiled headers using Project Properties|(all configurations)|C++|Precompiled headers|Create/Use precompiled header. They may be already disabled.

10. Define the function exports by adding the .def filename (e.g. nprt.def) to Project Properties|(all configurations)|Linker|Input|Module Definition File. It could be either the full path or the path relative to the project directory.

11. Optional: Open the above .def file and change "NPRT" to the filename of your dll as VS sees it (without "np", if you decided to rename later)

12. Optional: Edit the .rc file and and the top of npp_gate.cpp for the description, mimetype, file extension etc. to reflect your plugin

13. Remove the function NPP_GetJavaClass from npp_gate.cpp

14. Build

15. Rename the resulting DLL so that the filename starts with "np" and ends with ".dll" (or "32.dll"? 8.3?) and copy it in Mozilla's "plugins" folder

16. Start Mozilla and open about:plugins to verify the plugin is detected

17. Open the file "test.html" and begin testing. Make sure the mimetypes of your html embed tags match the mimetype specified in your nprt.rc file and the top of your npp_gate.cpp file





npruntime 源码结构:


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