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extends Object

implements Parcelable Cloneable Comparable<T>



Class Overview

Identifier for a specific application component (Activity,Service,BroadcastReceiver, orContentProvider) that is available. Two pieces of information, encapsulated here, are required to identify a component: the package (a String) it exists in, and the class (a String) name inside of that package.



Inherited Constants

From interface android.os.Parcelable

int CONTENTS_FILE_DESCRIPTOR Bit masks for use with describeContents(): each bit represents a kind of object considered to have potential special significance when marshalled.

int PARCELABLE_WRITE_RETURN_VALUE Flag for use with writeToParcel(Parcel, int): the object being written is a return value, that is the result of a function such as "Parcelable someFunction()", "void someFunction(out Parcelable)", or "void someFunction(inout Parcelable)".


public static final Creator<ComponentName> CREATOR

Public Constructors

ComponentName(String pkg, String cls)

Create a new component identifier.

ComponentName(Context pkg, String cls)

Create a new component identifier from a Context and class name.

ComponentName(Context pkg, Class<?> cls)

Create a new component identifier from a Context and Class object.

ComponentName(Parcel in)

Instantiate a new ComponentName from the data in a Parcel that was previously written withwriteToParcel(Parcel, int).

Public Methods

ComponentName clone()

Creates and returns a copy of this Object.

int compareTo(ComponentName that)

int describeContents()

Describe the kinds of special objects contained in this Parcelable's marshalled representation.

boolean equals(Object obj)

Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal.

String flattenToShortString()

The same as flattenToString(), but abbreviates the class name if it is a suffix of the package.

String flattenToString()

Return a String that unambiguously describes both the package and class names contained in the ComponentName.

String getClassName()

Return the class name of this component.

String getPackageName()

Return the package name of this component.

String getShortClassName()

Return the class name, either fully qualified or in a shortened form (with a leading '.') if it is a suffix of the package.

int hashCode()

Returns an integer hash code for this object.

static ComponentName readFromParcel(Parcel in)


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