RAD 快速应用开发环境:EntireJ

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EntireJ 是一个 RAD 快速应用开发环境,用于构建高度可伸缩的企业级应用,基于 RCP/RAP、JavaFX 平台以及 Android 和 iOS 移动平台。使用强大的声明式特性。

It’s quick

Our 4GL development approach gives your team the power to immediately begin building robust applications. Our intuitive interface and effective capabilities mean GUI development is completed far more quickly than complex code. And that means a major reduction in programming time- plus massive savings when you minimize your maintenance time

It’s versatile

EntireJ decouples the GUI from the business application: you can switch seamlessly from one GUI technology to another with little or no application alterations

It’s simple

Concentrate on the business application- don’t get bogged down in GUI development. With our innovative and flexible editors, programmers can create GUI’s without writing any code. Bottom line: you won’t need to spend money hiring or training specialised GUI developers

It’s Free !

We believe EntireJ is too good to be kept private. EntireJ is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0 which means you can use it in both commercial and non-commercial projects

Free Of Charge


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