Install Android SDK, Eclipse, and Emulator (AVDs)

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Android is a large and fast-growing segment of the mobile phone market. With potentially

350,000 users activating a new Android phone every day and multiple Android App Stores popping up (Google’s Android Market was recently revamped, and

now other markets are coming online, like

Amazon’s Android App Store), now is a great time to jump into Android development.

This walk-through will get you started installing the Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK), installing and configuring the Eclipse IDE for Android development, and choosing and installing Android Virtual Devices (AVDs) to emulate the

Android environment right on your local computer. After following these steps, you will be ready to create your first Android application!

1. Download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK)

The very first step is to download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) that will let you emulate Android on your local computer. It is not too large (only ~30MB, compared to the monolithic XCode/iPhone SDK, which is almost 4GB!).

From the

Android SDK Download Page, make sure to choose the version that is correct for your operating system.

After your Android SDK download is complete, unzip and move the new folder to a permanent location (*not* your downloads directory). I use a folder in my home directory (~/Android/android-sdk-mac_x86/) but you can move it anywhere you would like.

There is no wrong location. Wherever you choose will hereby known as $ANDROID for future reference.

2. Download Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

When I develop for Android, I choose to use Eclipse as my Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Eclipse can be suitably adapted for Android development since you can get plugins to help with creating your Android project, launching your Android

emulator, and preparing your Android application for the Android Market. It is not an ideal IDE, but the pros outweigh the cons for Android Development.

From the

Eclipse Downloads Page, choose the “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Make sure you are getting the correct version for your operating system. Eclipse is fairly large (~100MB) but still a lot smaller than the 4GB XCode for the iPhone!

After your Eclipse IDE download is complete, unzip and move to a permanent folder. I use the applications directory in my home folder (~/Applications/).

For OSX users: we will want to have access to from within our Applications folder. To do this:

Make an alias of the file (CTRL-Click then “Make Alias”)

Move the alias into root applications folder (/Applications/) so that it shows up next to your other applications

Now you can use Eclipse just like any other application, including adding it to your dock. I do this with all of programs that I download that do not have installers (i.e., they are just .app files). This may not be a necessary step (I am fairly

new to OSX), so please let me know if there is a better way!

3. Install the Android Development Tools (ADT) plugin for Eclipse

Next, we will use Eclipse to install the Android Development Tools (ADT) using Eclipse’s built-in plug-in system. From within Eclipse:

Choose “Help” > “Install New Software….”

Click the “Add…” button and create a new entry:


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